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Managed Law Blogs Our Lawyers Blog so You don't have to

Blogging keeps your law practice progressive and relevant in the eyes of your website visitors. Because you are busy practicing law, let our lawyers write, post and manage your law blog for you.

Affordable Law Firm Websites

Blogging functionality comes standard with Custom WebShop websites and can be added to any Custom WebExpress website to facilitate posting of blogs while making your law firm website more interactive. Blogging functionality includes controls that enable you to review and approve public comments prior to posting.

Our staff of attorney writers will write periodic articles to be posted on your law blog. You select the frequency of posts and the topic of each blog. Each blog will be subject to your approval prior to posting.

Regular blog posting on relevant topics helps with search engine indexing as well as engaging visitors to stay on your website, with the objective of converting website visitors to potential clients.

Contact us to find out how easy and cost-effective our law blog service can be.

Features and Benefits

Seamless Integration

Our Managed Law Blog service integrates seamlessly with your law firm website, adding compelling legal content that reinforces your knowledge and expertise.

You Select the Frequency

Our team of professional attorney writers can write, post and manage blogs for your law firm website monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. It's entirely your choice.

You Choose the Blog Topics and Categories

Your blog topics can be as specific as you like, or cover a broad range of legal categories that you select.

Private Labeled

Your Managed Law Blogs will maintain your law firm branding and marketing messages to deliver general legal information to your law firm website visitors for the purpose of engaging them and creating residual gratitude for having visited your website.

Attorney Writers

Your law blogs will be written by professional writers who are licensed attorneys, enabling them to understand how to write blogs that strike the right balance between "legalese" and consumer readability.

Keyword Analysis

Our writers and search engine marketing specialists will perform a keyword analysis to determine the important keywords that should be included in your law firm blog post for search engine optimization.

Affordable Pricing

The NextClient Core Content service is an affordable and cost-effective solution to filling the content needs of most law firm websites. Compare our pricing, services, and deliverables to other law firm website design companies before making your decision.

"Our legal writing team loves the Managed Law Blogs service, where we get to break out and explore our creativity. We create blogs that engage, inform and allow the personality of your law firm to shine through on your website."
Alan Barlow, J.D., Director of Content Production

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I am in a competitive market and my potential clients look at my law firm website to confirm that I am the right attorney for them. These potential clients come from many difference sources, such as word of mouth referrals, Google searches and advertisements. When they get to my website, I want them to see that my website is a resource and that I'm not just trying to sell them on my services. The attorney writers at NextClient do a wonderful job in managing my law blogs and adding website content that reflects my robust personal injury practice."
— Leandros A. Vrionedes, Attorney at Law
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