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Google Adwords for Lawyers™

Managed pay-per-click campaign for your law firm


PPC Campaigns for Attorneys

At NextClient, we can help your law practice set up a PPC campaign. We understand how various marketing strategies, such as PPC, can fit in with your firm’s needs. We help law firms create an efficient pay-per-click strategy and put a campaign in place. If you are a small or medium-sized law firm, read to learn more about our PPC service.

What is PPC?

You may have heard the term thrown around. As a strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) seeks to increase traffic to your website through the form of paid ads. Unlike other forms of advertisement, you only pay for clicks received from your ads. The most dominant form for PPC is search ads. Refer to the image below.

You can find these ads when you type a query into Google or most other search engines. Search ads will appear at the bottom or the top of the search engine results page once they meet the criteria.

The Advantages of PPC

Many firms question which marketing strategy they should use: PPC or search engine optimization (SEO). While the answer is often a combination of the two strategies, there are a few convincing arguments to focus on PPC.

Below are a few advantages of PPC campaigns for law firms.

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Features and Benefits

  • Fast <br>Results


    The results that come from pay-per-click are very quick in comparison to SEO. You can create an ad and within minutes. You can start to see data from that new ad begin to generate results almost immediately.

  • Top of the <br>age Results

    Top of the
    age Results

    Search results show ads at the top and bottom of the page. This happens with searches that have a commercial intent. Being at the top gives a lot of potential for newly established firms.

  • Amount of <br>Space

    Amount of

    With more features to add to the ad copy, advertisements have the potential to occupy much more space than the organic results.

  • Conversions


    Ads are much more optimized to convert into sales than organic results. Additionally, ads have specific, custom landing pages that have been tested for higher conversions. Ads also are very clear with their intent.

  • Quality Leads & <br>A/B Testing

    Quality Leads &
    A/B Testing

    Headlines, landing pages, and other ad features, such as negative keywords, are tested and monitored regularly. This is to ensure you reach quality customers, and ads drive more business over time.

  • Quick Data Collection <br>and Intelligence

    Quick Data Collection
    and Intelligence

    With quick results come quick data. We can use the data from ads to inform other parts of your marketing strategy. This will ensure that you are reaching the right people.


How Can I Start; Why NextClient?

We are aware that starting a Google AdWords campaign can be daunting. This is especially true for small law firms looking to build their practice on PPC. Mistakes can lead to overspending and low-quality leads. This can happen by spending on words such as “pro bono,” “free” and more.

To target your ideal client, you have to regularly track your campaign. Additionally, you have to make the necessary adjustments.

At Nextclient, We Help Smaller Law Firms Manage Their PPC Campaigns

We understand budgets can be modest and have vast experience managing those accounts.

For that reason, we charge a flat management fee when charging law firms for our PPC service. We've seen other marketing firms use a percentage model, but we believe it presents a conflict of interest.

Are you looking to invest in PPC and explore all your options? We are more than happy to discuss what may best fit your business needs in a free consultation.

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