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Core Website Content

Website Content About Your Law Firm



Your core website content consists of the five most fundamental pages of your law firm website. These pages provide an overview of you and your staff and tell your readers what types of legal matters your firm accepts, where your firm is located, and how to contact you.

Generally, the five core content pages are allocated for the Home Page, Attorney Profile, Practice Areas Overview, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Resources – but the allocation can be tailored to the specific needs of your law firm.

With our Core Content service, your professionally-written website content is optimized for search engine visibility as well as client conversion.

Our Core Website Content service can be bundled with either Custom WebExpress or Custom WebShop website design service. Contact us today to order your Core Website Content.

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Features and Benefits

  • Project <br>Management


    When you sign up for our Core Website Content service, you will be assigned a Project Manager to make sure the writing, editing and integration into your website is as smooth as possible.

  • Attorney <br>Writers


    Your law firm Core Website Content will be written by licensed attorneys who understand the nature of your practice, the ethical considerations imposed by your specific jurisdiction, and how to position you best in the legal market that you serve.

  • Original and <br>Custom Content

    Original and
    Custom Content

    The Core Website Content will be written especially for your law firm; it is not duplicative or repurposed content from other attorney websites. Having original content is fundamental for successful indexing by search engines.

  • Keyword <br>Analysis


    Our writers and search engine marketing specialists will perform a keyword analysis to determine the important keywords that should be included in your law firm website for search engine optimization.

  • Managed Web <br>Hosting

    Managed Web

    When we write and integrate your content into your law firm website, we also develop and include meta tags, such as title tags, description tags and keyword tags, which are important for search engine optimization.

  • Provisioning <br>& Support

    & Support

    Our Core Website Content service comes complete with having our provisioning team integrate your new content into your law firm website. You don't have to know HTML or other coding to capitalize on your newly-written content. We do the writing, the editing and, last but not least, the website integration.

  • Affordable <br>Pricing


    The NextClient Core Content service is an affordable and cost-effective solution to filling the content needs of most law firm websites. Compare our pricing, services, and deliverables to other law firm website design companies before making your decision.


What our Clients are Saying

"The NextClient writing team is amazing! They took the time to talk to us prior to writing our law firm content so that they would understand our law practice, our marketing sentiments and our target client base."

Carter Spohn, Law Firm Marketing Director
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