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Complete Legal Marketing Expertise to Convert Website Visitors into Clients
Show Prospective Clients Why You are the Lawyer They Need

Show Prospective Clients Why You are the Lawyer They Need

At NextClient, our professional team of attorney writers and legal marketing experts has written the content for lawyers and law firm nationwide. Unlike “canned” content found on many law firm websites, our content is tailored specifically to your practice and jurisdiction, regional market, and potential clients.

We employ a team of attorney writers who understand the Rules of Professional Conduct regarding attorney advertising and client communications in your jurisdiction. We don’t make the mistakes other companies might that could get you in trouble with the Bar. Rest assured that the content we write is well-researched, accurate and relevant to your practice.

Through powerful visual imagery and compelling messaging, our websites immediately inform the viewer about the type of law you practice, how they can benefit from legal services, and why you are the lawyer they need to solve their issue. We explain your practice in terms that match your client base, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

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“NextClient made it easy for me to include videos to my law firm website.”
Lance Brown

“Very little preparation was required. They came to our office, staged a background in my conference room, and the attorney director made it easy by asking me questions to which I was already well-versed in delivering answers.”

— Lance Brown, Attorney at Law
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Whether you can code your own website or can’t spell SEO, we are happy to take the time to answer your questions and share our expertise on creating and maintaining a web presence that maximizes your exposure to and engagement with your potential clients.

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