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Law Firm Videos Video Solutions for Your Law Firm Website

NextClient Law Firm Videos enhance your marketing efforts by improving the way you communicate your legal experience and professionalism to your clients and potential clients.

Law Firm and Attorney Video Production

Video content is an important trend in Internet marketing. As major search engines downplay, and in some circumstances negate the importance of link building and other commonly used SEO strategies, relevant content becomes an ever more important factor in increasing search engine ranking. While content in the traditional sense has always been important for SEO and customer conversion, the rise of broadband technology, mobile devices and video websites such as YouTube makes a compelling argument that video content is the most readily visible and sought-after content by internet users.

Our affordable Video Production packages include shooting, directing and editing a collection of short video clips suitable for uploading to YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and other online video repositories and integrating with your law firm website for visitor retention and conversion. We utilize Chroma Key (green screen) techniques as well as available office staging to minimize cost while achieving engaging production qualities, optimized for the web.

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Features and Benefits

Project Management

When you sign up for our Law Firm Video service, you will be assigned a Project Manager to make sure the production, editing and integration into your website is as smooth as possible.

Attorney Director

Your law firm videos will be produced and directed by attorneys who understand the nature of your practice, the ethical considerations imposed by your specific jurisdiction, and how to position you best in the legal market which you serve.

Experienced Studio Consultants

The NextClient Video team works with McNulty Nielsen Productions as production consultants for camera, lighting, editing and other video and sound production techniques to deliver professional video quality that integrates with the branding, theme and message of your law firm website.

Video Transcription

All substantive and FAQ videos come with corresponding video transcription and additional relevant content that provide key words and search terms for closed captioning, visitors who prefer to read the information, and search engine indexing.

Provisioning & Support

Our Law Firm Video service comes complete with our provisioning team integrating your new video content into your law firm website. You don't have to know HTML or other coding to capitalize on your newly-created content. Our turnkey service handles every aspect of your law firm video production, including the website integration and on-going support.

"A personalized video communicates who you are and how you approach your practice in a direct, dynamic way. Viewers gain confidence and are more likely to call after being introduced to you in this engaging manner."
Larry Tjan, J.D., CEO,

What Our Clients Are Saying

"NextClient made it easy for me to include videos to my law firm website. Very little preparation was required. They came to our office, staged a background in my conference room, and the attorney director made it easy by asking me questions to which I was already well-versed in delivering answers."
— Lance Brown, Attorney at Law
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