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PR for Lawyers Press Release Copywriting and Distribution for Your Law Firm

A press release can create publicity for your law firm and increase visibility for attorney websites across the Internet on search engines, social media, websites and legal blogs.

Affordable Law Firm Websites

Getting publicity for your active law practice has always been a challenge. One easy way to get in front of the news is to create and distribute your own news. Whether you just won a verdict for your client, spoke at a legal seminar, received an award of distinction in your community, participated in a fundraising event for a public charity, or simply just launched a legal blog or redesigned your law firm website, publishing your news will generate visibility for your law firm.

Our staff of attorney writers will write the copy for your press release based on information you supply. Your press release will be subject to your approval prior to submission for distribution.

With our lawyer press release writing and distribution service, your professionally-written law firm news is optimized for search engine visibility and can include your profile photograph, law firm videos or other multi-media files. Our PR for Lawyers service can be bundled with other NextClient services to provide a cost-effective solution to your law firm Internet marketing.

Contact us to find out how easy and cost-effective our Press Release for Lawyers service can be.

Features and Benefits

Project Management

When you sign up for our PR for Lawyers service, you will be assigned a Project Manager to ensure the effective coordination of your law firm press release copywriting and distribution process.

Attorney Writers

Your press release will be written and edited by licensed attorneys who understand the nature of your practice, the ethical considerations imposed by your specific jurisdiction, and how to position you best in the legal market that you serve.

Search Engine Visibility

Our PR for Lawyers service is an easy way to increase your online visibility. Our attorney staff writers use relevant keywords to create your news content, while our SEO team optimizes your law firm press release for effective search engine indexing.

Track Online Analytics

The value of online news is measured by website impressions, social media sharing, tracking reads, and generating traffic and visitor engagement. Our PR for Lawyers service provides you with online analytics that include reads, impressions, activity, media deliveries, traffic sources, and referrals by keywords as well as referrals by search engines.

Affordable Pricing

The NextClient PR for Lawyers service is an affordable and cost-effective solution to generating publicity for your law practice and traffic to your law firm website. Compare our pricing, services, and deliverables to other Internet marketing companies before making your decision.

"The press release is an incredible tool for increasing your visibility on the web. We write press releases that highlight your abilities and experience while incorporating relevant keywords in a natural style that helps get you noticed."
Alan Barlow, J.D., Director of Content Production

What Our Clients Are Saying

"When I was named one of Orange County's top family law attorneys by the OC Register Metro Magazine, NextClient helped me leverage the news of this honor by writing and distributing a press release that, within a week, generated more than 46,000 news feed impressions on the Internet."
— Judith A. Williams, Attorney at Law
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