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Managed Hosting for Law Firm Websites Enterprise Level, Comprehensive Hosting Services

More than mere website hosts, we are here for you every day to help you update and maintain your website.

Our Managed Hosting Service Enhances Your Web Presence

Our comprehensive Managed Hosting service is more than just web and email hosting. Yes, we ensure our customers receive quality hosting for their law firm website and email accounts that includes toll-free technical service. But just as important, you have access to our support and provisioning team for the maintenance and management of your website. Making changes to your website is as easy as contacting our team with your change orders, with no hidden charges.

NextClient's Internet Data Center is a comprehensive managed hosting service for your law firm's website and email accounts that provides the following service components:

  • Secure multiple connected Cloud-Hosted Windows Servers
  • 2 GB Web Server Storage Space So Your Website Can Grow with Your Business (average page is approx. 300kb = approx. 6000 pages)
  • 20 GB bandwidth per month / 500 compute cycles
  • New Domain Name Registration, or Use Your Existing Domain Name
  • 50 Email Accounts that Promote Your Website Domain Name
  • Analytics to Evaluate How Customers Use Your Website
  • Lead Tracking for Effective Direct Response Marketing
  • Toll Free Web Consultant and Customer Support
  • 2 Hours Monthly Maintenance Included

Features and Benefits

Managed Web Hosting

NextClient's Internet Data Center is a comprehensive managed hosting service for your law firm's website and email accounts, providing multiple secure, connected, cloud-hosted servers, direct access to high-capacity connectivity to major Internet backbone providers, provisioning, monitoring and management of a fully-redundant infrastructure, and incident management monitoring to ensure quality, enterprise-level hosting for your law firm website.

Email Hosting

The NextClient managed hosting service includes 50 email accounts that promote your law firm website domain name and is compatible with all popular email clients such as Outlook as well as most mobile phones and tablets utilizing POP, IMAP and SMTP. Webmail service is also available and included.

Toll-Free and Email Suport

Our support and provisioning staff are available via our toll-free or local customer support number and email to ensure that every aspect of your clients' website is working smoothly and to answer any questions you or your clients might have about their website.

Website Maintenance

Two hours of monthly maintenance is included with your NextClient website and managed hosting services. Whether you would like to add or delete a website page, update content on a page or add a new video link, our support team will quickly handle your request.

Affordable Pricing

The NextClient Managed Hosting service is an affordable and cost-effective comprehensive solution for your law firm's hosting needs. Compare our pricing, services, and deliverables to other law firm website design and hosting companies before making your decision.

"NextClient's Managed Hosting service goes beyond reliable web and email hosting, with features that enhance your web presence and increase the effectiveness of your website as a marketing and communication tool."
Larry Tjan, J.D., CEO,

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our firm has looked at several 'do-it-yourself' low-cost web hosting companies, and what we found out was that by the time we add up all the services we needed in addition to the web hosting, such as email and website management services, the cost exceeded NextClient's affordable monthly pricing."
— Carter Spohn, Law Firm Marketing Director
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