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The NextClient Approach

A Close Collaboration Between the Client and Our Team

While many web development companies use an assembly-line style of production, at NextClient we believe that the finest work comes from close collaboration between the client and the Project Manager – and between the Project Manager and the Production Team. Each of our Project Managers has extensive experience in web development, be it in sales, search engine optimization, or writing custom content, giving us the ability to understand every aspect of your site.

Your Project Manager stays involved throughout the entire process, assigning a designer and writer whose strengths dovetail with your goals, and working directly with them to make sure that the final product accurately captures what makes your firm distinct, has the impact you want it to have, and finally, exceeds your expectations.

More than just a main point of contact, your Project Manager should help you narrow in on exactly how you want your website to look, feel, and function. He or she may also be able to help you identify the market you wish to target, and how best to do so. More than anything else, your Project Manager should oversee the creation of your website, from start to finish.

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